Authentic culinary tours at exciting Destinations around the world

Gimmel Travel is an international tour operator offering multi day, custom crafted excursions highlighting the food, drink, culture, history, and architecture of specially selected regions throughout the world.

custom packages, and specialized international tours for small and large groups

We focus on innovative, creative tours and build experiences, one country at a time, one city at a time, and one meal and drink at a time.

Our current offerings feature food tours and vacations in a growing number of specially selected regions throughout the world, including Extremadura Spain, the Yucatán peninsula, El Salvador, and Suzhou, China.

domestic vacations coming soon!

In addition to our current offerings, we will offer domestic vacations exploring the culture and cuisine in and around Washington DC, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, Virginia Beach, and much more in fall 2019

Embrace culture around the world with gimmel travel

Our custom itineraries are specially created in conjunction with local partners in order to create authentic experiences, from three-day excursions to three week retreats.

It is increasingly important to understand and embrace cultural diversity when traveling. This provides a lasting and more robust experience for you and your group.

Elevating standards for international tour companies and operators

We pride ourselves in being unlike other tour operators. We do not put individuals and groups on generic, pre-packaged tours, and will work closely with you to make sure you have the ideal tour for your vacation.


From $169 a day

North America

From $129 a day


From $119 a day

Central America

From $79 a day


In todays world, there is unfortunatly a limited amount of time for leisure. When you take a trip, it needs to get you away, to allow you to unwind, and to give you the chance to embrace a completely new culture like a local.

We are hiring

We are looking for team members both as tour coordinators in the field, and on the operations team in our Washington DC area headquarters. Please email us at for more information. We will post job information shortly as well!