Extremadura, Spain

On our food tours and trips, we offer a series of experiences created to immerse you into the variety of cultures found throughout the western Spanish region.

Explore the region, as well as nearby Portugal, with Gimmel Travel with our Food Tours, and exursions

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As one of Europe's last natural paradises, Extremadura possesses a combination of exquisite, local food and drinks, well known products, finely preserved architecture, and welcoming, friendly locals.

Situated less than three hours from Madrid Extremadura is a different world, ready for your exploration and enjoyment.

Extremadura, although relatively small, is comprised of numerous regions, each offering different specialty food and drinks, from the original smoked paprika to cherries, soft cheeses and wines, olive oils to the exquisite Iberico Jamon, the world renown cured ham that is an imperative part of the cuisine.

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Authentic Extremadura

Our Food Tours are a combination of experiences, guided journeys, and time for exploration to immerse you in the Spanish culture in a sustainable fashion, in a way that helps to preserve the area rather than take from it.

Our Extremadura Spain Food Tours visit numerous regions throughout the area, as well as parts of neighboring Portugal, that can be chosen or combined based on your time, interests, and budget.

The region benefits from generations of rulers and conquests, as centuries of history, knowledge, flavors, and tradition produced a distinctive heritage, that cannot be found elsewhere.

understanding Extremadura - and spain

A variety of influences include Arabic and jewish, new world additions and from the conquests of the Columbian journey. Influences today as creative chefs combine the traditional, local flavors with modern techniques to create exciting combinations and flavors.

Recipes from centuries ago are even said to be an important part of French cuisine, as the Duchess of Abrantes took a centuries old recipe book and distributed it around Paris hundreds of years ago - one well known recipe being for a consume, once known as the consumado.

The pride in local cuisine is increased when connected to the beauty of the land, both natural and man-made. Castles and fortresses still dot the landscape, while towns and cities offer more influences

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